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Savory Goodness...sweet or salty


My Mom’s favorite flower was the Gardenia.  Bright white flowers resting on dark green leaves.  Sweet as anything you can imagine, it rivaled the aromatic Orange Blossoms in our neighborhood in Florida.

            Fortunately, the Orange Blossoms made their debut around March and April while the Gardenias regaled us with their heady perfume as summer made its balmy appearance.    We had a Gardenia bush and would clip some of the blossoms and surprise Mom enjoying her smiles of delight.

            Sometimes I’d bring clippings into my kitchen.  However, strolling through the kitchen wasn’t necessary to inhale their fragrance.  The perfume filled the house!

            Recently, my husband bought me some colorful miniature carnations.  Their showy display brought life to the dining room, but that wasn’t all. 

            Carnations have a spicy scent all their own.  So, as I entered the room, I wondered about the tangy bouquet that wafted to my nose and filled my senses.  Sure enough, I bent my head to inhale their scent and wasn’t disappointed.

            The longer they lasted, the more their essence filled the room.  That spicy scent is a favorite of mine.

            The same can be true of food.

            While some can’t wait to get passed the dinner and get on with the sweet dessert, I would rather go back for some more of those savory dishes that blend flavors.  I love to let those palatable combinations of herbs and spices linger a while.

            It’s not that I don’t enjoy sweet things.  But they are not my preference.  Some lightly salted potato chips might actually be more tempting to me.

            But there we have it.  Sweet or salty?  Honeyed or flavorful?

            Add to scent and flavor the wonder of the visual appeal and the discriminating palate, and the senses are engaged.  Apply this to how others perceive us?

            Do our sweet words bless others?  Psalm 19 extols God’s creation and His teachings and instructions in verse 8 NLT, “The commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight for living…(vs. 10b) They are sweeter than honey, even honey dripping from the comb.”

            The Psalm helps us to see how we should live joyfully following God’s ways and, therefore, when we share His ways with others we bring a sweetness into their lives.

            But we are to be savory as well…saltiness with a bit of spice to encourage others to follow the Lord.  In Matthew 5: 13 – 14, Jesus tells His disciples, “You are the salt of the earth.  But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor…You are the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

            When we walk with the Lord, His savory goodness…a combination of sweetness and saltiness will make others desire the nourishment of the Word of God.  In so doing, we will help them meet the Savior and sit at His banquet table.  Selah




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